Andrew McAfee

How the IT department can go from zeroes to heroes

January 16, 2011: 9:41 AM ET
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With the rise of cloud and social, it's time for the IT department to change the way they work -- and become company heroes.

By Aaron Levie, contributor

On a daily basis, a select group of individuals are making technology decisions on behalf of their entire organization. They're implementing services to solve real business problems, sometimes under the guidance of their IT department, but most often on their own. For the first time, the power of technology decision-making is in the hands of those who will be using the solutions deployed. These are the managers, project leaders and knowledge workers responsible for getting work done - not just the IT administrators managing implementation or the executives writing the checks. This is truly a revolution in the enterprise, unlike any we've seen before.

This shift poses a major challenge for today's enterprises: how can we let technology run rampant through our organizations, technology that is fundamentally improving business outcomes, while still maintaining some semblance of a coherent IT strategy? It also creates a massive hurdle for legacy software vendors, who traditionally have only cared about one customer - the person buying and implementing their services - with little thought for the end user. More

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