Andrew Kippen

Wal-Mart's VUDU brings high-def streaming to Boxee

October 28, 2010: 10:55 AM ET

The high-quality streaming service comes to the cross-platform home theater app.

Photo: Boxee

In another coup for VUDU, the startup Wal-Mart (WMT) acquired back in February for over $100 million, Boxee announced today that the high-quality video-on-demand service will appear on Boxee Box, a dedicated $199 set-top box launching next month, as well as the Boxee app.

"It rounds out our movie offering," says Andrew Kippen, Vice President of Marketing for Boxee. "We have a Netflix application, indie movies online, and others, but one of the things missing was new blockbusters. As soon as titles like Prince of Persia or Splice come around on DVD, they're also available same-day on VUDU."

The partnership should benefits both parties, which are vying for a piece of an increasingly competitive market -- online video streaming -- occupied by competitors like Apple TV, Google TV, and Roku. For VUDU, it means visibility to Boxee's 1.4 million users, while VUDU's 15,000-plus collection of movies will help expand Boxee's own library, which to date, did not offer HD video-on-demand content. That puts it ahead of a service like Hulu which, despite being a leader in video streaming, doesn't offer HD content. More

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