Has Google Finance's news feed got it in for Apple?

January 28, 2013: 8:24 AM ET

Pity the poor investor who tries to evaluate Apple based on these headlines

Source: Google Finance

Source: Google Finance

FORTUNE -- Hey, Apple's (AAPL) down, let's pile on!

That seems to be the attitude -- if a computer can have an attitude -- of the program that filters headlines on Google's (GOOG) financial news feed.

The list at right (expanded below) was generated by doing a Google Finance  search for "Apple" at 8 a.m. Monday morning. You have to scroll down 24 headlines to get to a positive one ("Apple Inc. sales of $54 billion and profit of $13 billion both break records") which turns out to be Apple's own press release.

Given that many high-frequency trading algorithms are programmed to react to such headlines -- generated by the likes of Insider Monkey and ValueWalk, but not, curiously, -- these things matter.

Expanded list below.

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