• How will Damon Lindelof top 'Lost'?

    This is one in a series of articles leading up to Fortune Brainstorm Tech, which takes place July 22-24 in Aspen, Colo. The articles will look back at the progress of companies that presented at Brainstorm in 2009 as well as look forward to those that will present this year.

    By Shelley DuBois, reporter

    Dropping a plot twist like a time traveling island to millions of obsessed viewers MORE

    Jun 11, 2010 10:20 AM ET
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  • Clash of the titans: the cable wars, continued

    News Corp. vs Cablevision. Cablevision vs. Disney. The list goes on and on. An updated tally of cable licensing deals gone horribly awry.

    As the Cablevision and News Corp. feud continues, more than three million subscribers remain without Fox programming. Cablevision blames News Corp. for demanding an extortionate increase in retransmission fees; News Corp. argues Cablevision isn't negotiating in good faith. Regardless of which party is at fault, the cable MORE

    - Jun 3, 2010 11:41 AM ET
  • What a free iPad bought Apple

    How to turn bad publicity into a public relations coup for less than $500

    Michael Finney, a consumer reporter for KGO-TV, the local ABC affiliate in San Francisco, thought he had a story that would give Apple (AAPL) and its "red hot iPad" a big black eye.

    The station had received a call from Diane Campbell, a disabled woman on a fixed income, who had saved $600 to buy her first computer MORE

    - May 20, 2010 6:56 AM ET
  • Video: The iPad hits prime time TV

    Apple's tablet computer made two big appearances Wednesday night -- on ABC, naturally

    ABC, which is owned by Disney (DIS), whose largest stockholder is Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple (AAPL), gave the iPad two big fat plugs on prime time television last night:

    An exclusive 2 minute sneak peek on World News with Diane Sawyer that includes glimpses of a new musical instrument by Ge Weng, creator of the Ocarina on the MORE

    - Apr 1, 2010 6:35 AM ET
  • Can Steve Jobs unplug cable TV?

    CBS and Disney may join Apple's $30 per month TV service, says the Wall St. Journal

    This could be totally disruptive. Or it could be another "hobby" like Apple TV that never quite takes off.

    In a front-page story published Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that CBS (CBS) and Disney (DIS) are "considering participating" in Apple's (AAPL) plan to offer television subscriptions over the Internet.

    It was the first hint of interest MORE

    - Dec 22, 2009 8:21 AM ET
  • Online video sites fizzle

    Startups Joost and Veoh try to retool while network-backed Hulu cruises.

    The Web video shakeout has begun. Hulu, a venture of NBC, ABC, and Fox, is growing nicely, aided in part by a slick marketing campaign using, of all things, television ads starring Alec Baldwin. But a slew of smaller sites are starting to reformulate their strategies in the hope of surviving.

    Joost, which was started by the founders of Skype Technologies, MORE

    - Jul 30, 2009 12:18 PM ET
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