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Fortune names Steve Jobs 'smartest CEO'

July 9, 2010: 7:34 AM ET

Apple's CEO tops the magazine's list of the 50 smartest people in tech

"He is a visionary, a micromanager, and a showman who creates such anticipation around new products that their releases are veritable holidays."

So begins Jessi Hempel's assessment of Steve Jobs, Fortune Magazine's choice for the "smartest CEO in tech."

Apple's (AAPL) CEO topped the list of Fortune's "50 smartest people in tech" feature, part of the drumroll leading up to the magazine's annual Brainstorm Tech conference, to be held this year in Aspen July 22–24.

The CEO runners up, after Jobs: Amazon's (AMZN) Jeff Bezos, Dendreon's (DNDN) Mitch Gold, Alibaba's Jack Ma and Demand Media's Richard Rosenblatt.

Also on the list: Jonathan Ive, Fortune's pick as the smartest designer in tech.

The full text of the Jobs profile is pasted below. For the full 50 smartest list, click here.


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