4th Gen iPhone

Can Steve Jobs deliver the goods?

June 5, 2010: 5:23 PM ET

The pressure is on Apple's CEO to surprise and amaze the tech world on Monday

Steve Jobs at WWDC '08. Photo: Apple Inc.

"You won't be disappointed," wrote Steve Jobs a few weeks ago in one of his cryptic -- and increasingly frequent -- e-mail pronouncements.

This one was in response to a fan concerned that Apple's (AAPL) Worldwide Developers Conference, which Jobs will kick off with a keynote address, had been upstaged by Google's (GOOG) I/O conference a few weeks earlier.

But Google is likely to be the least of Jobs' problems on Monday. For one thing, his speech comes less than a week after a widely re-broadcast interview at the Wall Street Journal's D8 conference that was one of the great Steve Jobs performances of all time. See here.

For another, the surprise value of what was presumably going to be his biggest announcement was spoiled when Gizmodo posted photos and specs of that lost iPhone prototype -- the one with the front-facing camera. If Apple doesn't unveil that iPhone on Monday and announce a June release date, the disappointment will be palpable.

But it's likely that Apple has other tricks up its sleeve -- some fairly predictable, some less so.

Below: our best guess for what they might be, in order of increasing surprise value.


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