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  • Don't touch that social network! We'll be right back...

    By Josh Quittner

    Hayden Black was thrilled—initially—to see traffic start to spike as his online-only sitcom, "Goodnight, Burbank," found a fan base on Facebook. Then, he tells me, not so much: "Many people erroneously think that the success of your show is determined by how many people go to your website. But watching video on the Internet is an animal in and of itself."

    The problem was that Facebook fans like to MORE

    - Dec 21, 2007 6:00 AM ET
  • Online TV at the tipping point

    By Josh Quittner

    Is Net-based TV ready for its close-up? Television ratings are already starting to plummet, the ongoing writers' strike shows no signs of ending, and the development schedule for next year's programming is looking increasingly dicey. While one report suggests that ex-TV watchers are turning to books and magazines, some folks in the nascent Internet TV business say they're enjoying a sudden uptick in audience.

    "We are seeing increased viewership at MORE

    - Dec 12, 2007 2:50 PM ET
  • Penthouse finds a friend

    By Josh Quittner

    Why did Penthouse Media Group plop down $500 million for a bunch of social networks owned by Various -- including the X-rated AdultFriendFinder?Because it's so "sticky," Penthouse CEO Marc Bell told Fortune Wednesday. He wasn't being gross.

    We've been working on this transaction for about one year, he said, pointing out that AdultFriendFinder had been on Penthouse's radar forever, but more prominently in recent years as it became the MORE

    - Dec 12, 2007 2:20 PM ET
  • A Facebook Bill of Rights

    By Josh Quittner

    Yesterday, I considered opting out of Beacon on my Facebook account. I pulled up the Privacy page, and looked at the tick box, which would turn off the controversial feature that broadcasts a user's purchases at participating websites everywhere. But I didn't pull the trigger. It was still on an open tab in my browser this morning.

    Partly, I didn't do it because I was too busy dealing MORE

    - Dec 7, 2007 12:25 PM ET
  • RIP Facebook?

    By Josh Quittner

    A lot of people say that Facebook has jumped the shark. That's flat out wrong. In fact, Facebook is now being devoured by the shark. There's so much blood in the water, it's attracting other sharks. And if Facebook's not careful, one of them is bound to come along and finish it off. I've never seen anything like it in the annals of fast-rising tech companies that MORE

    - Dec 4, 2007 12:30 PM ET
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  • Closed is the new open

    By Josh Quittner

    One of the rallying cries of the Web 2.0 movement, during its sensational rise over the past five years, is openness. Open systems (Linux, Wikipedia, any phone you can hack from T-Mobile) are good. Closed systems (Windows, The Wall Street Journal Online, any locked-down cell phone you buy from Verizon) are bad.

    The basic idea is that the Web itself, that Shiva of the business world, is built MORE

    - Nov 25, 2007 12:12 PM ET
  • The future of Internet TV

    By Josh Quittner

    [Productivity alert! If you expect to get anything done for the next few hours, please read no further.]

    [Still reading? Yeah. Slacker.]

    I have seen the future of television and it's an application called called Miro. The app makes it super easy to find and watch Internet TV. It handles HD feeds and seamlessly staples together BitTorrent streams. A free, open-source download, Miro goes into its 1.0 public release MORE

    - Nov 13, 2007 12:00 PM ET
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  • Old media: The end is near

    By Josh Quittner

    It's not exactly news that Web has slowly been killing off traditional media. Over the past decade, the music, publishing and video-broadcast industries have been scrambling to find a perch in a new world where consumers expect to get everything for free online.

    But here's an alarming thought for those of us who still draw paychecks from traditional media companies (and hope to send all three kids to college MORE

    - Nov 12, 2007 5:15 PM ET
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  • Andreessen's solution to the writer's strike

    By Josh Quittner

    Marc Andreessen for president. Seriously, I love watching him think. Even when I disagree with his conclusions, I always learn something worthwhile. His heart is in the right place and his brain is without peer. Would someone please start a Facebook group for this?

    In today's post, he argues that if the Hollywood studios don't capitulate to the writers they will effectively destroy their business -- and perhaps, MORE

    - Nov 12, 2007 3:10 PM ET
  • How Facebook Can Save Face

    By Josh Quittner

    It looks inevitable that Facebook will move away from its proprietary platform to the open platform of OpenSocial. Indeed, sources tell me that representatives from Facebook and Google (GOOG) met for the first time late yesterday afternoon. And already, Facebook investor and board member Jim Breyer is indicating that the social network would be willing to join the Everybody-but-Facebook Alliance.

    Meanwhile, a favorite parlor game yesterday afternoon among MORE

    - Nov 2, 2007 12:02 PM ET
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