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Video worth watching: Brian White on Bloomberg TV

January 4, 2014: 12:24 PM ET

Wall Street's most visible Apple bull makes his calls for 2014.

White on Bloomberg

White on Bloomberg. Click to watch.

FORTUNE -- It's not easy being the most bullish Apple (AAPL) analyst on Wall Street.

Just ask Brian White, whose $1,111 price target sat out there for nine months while Apple's share price peaked at $700 before falling below $440.

I once called White the Marco Polo of Apple analysts for the rumors of shiny new Apple products -- TVs, watches, $300 iPhones -- he brought back from walkabouts among Apple's Asian suppliers.

But at least he went to Asia, which is more than most Apple analysts do for their clients. And many of his predictions -- the iPhone with a fingerprint sensor for making credit card purchases, for example -- did come to pass, just not on the timetable he predicted.

This is all by way of saying that White knows more about Apple than his price targets or his employment record (three firms in two years) would suggest, and his five-minute appearance Friday on Bloomberg TV is worth watching.

Among the things he has say:

  • "Every four years Apple comes out with a new product category. In 2014 we believe it will be iWatch."
  • Wearable tech will be THE thing at next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but it will take Apple to make it "cool."
  • China will "break out" this year, growing from 15% of Apple business to 25% within five years.
  • "I think the fear that Apple would get squeezed out by competitors is gone. And I think the return of cash argument is over."
  • White's current $777 price target assumes a P/E multiple (14x) that is less than that of the average S&P 500 company (15x). "Is Apple an average company?" he asks rhetorically.

LINK: "Cool" Apple iWatch Coming Out This Year: White.

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