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Chart of the day: Christmas cybershopping, Apple style

December 2, 2013: 11:14 AM ET

In 4 days of holiday shopping, 83% of mobile sales were made via iOS, 17% via Android.

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FORTUNE -- By the time Horace Dediu posted the attached chart on his site, the IBM (IBM) Digital Analytics Benchmark data on which it was based had already been updated. But the broad picture hasn't changed. Over the four-day weekend, Thursday through Sunday:

  • Online holiday shopping (desktop and mobile) in the U.S. was up 14.5% from last year.
  • Mobile traffic accounted for 40.9% of all online traffic, up more than 35%.
  • Mobile sales reached 23.2% of all online sales, up 43.7%.
  • Smartphones were the most popular online devices for browsing (25%) and tablets for purchasing (15.7%).
  • As of 9 a.m. Cyber Monday, five times as many sales had come from Apple (AAPL) iOS devices as Android (19.3% to 3.9%).
  • On average, iOS users spent $123.45 per order compared with $102.33 for Android users, a difference of 21%.


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