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Chart of the day: Ad spends by Apple, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Samsung

November 4, 2013: 11:58 AM ET

At Apple and HP, ad spending is flat as a percent of sales. The others are spending more.


FORTUNE -- Asymco's Horace Dediu on Monday used last week's release of Apple's (AAPL) fiscal 2013 advertising budget to update the fever chart at left and to add a new chart on the right, one that compares advertising expenses as percent of sales. He notes that although by that measure Coca Cola (KO) outspends even Samsung, Microsoft's (MSFT) consumer advertising is now on track to overtake Coke.

Apple's ad budget a percent of sales, by contrast, has been shrinking over the past four years.

Dediu's conclusion: "The stronger, more differentiated the product, the less it needs to be propped up by the ad."

LINK: Do ads work? The ad budgets of various companies.

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