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Gartner: Apple will ship nearly 300 million devices in 2013

June 24, 2013: 7:39 AM ET

Android is tops in mobile phones, Windows in PCs. Apple has a pony in both races.

Data: Gartner Inc. Pie chart: PED. Click to enlarge.

Data: Gartner Inc. Pie chart: PED.

FORTUNE -- Worldwide shipments of PCs, tablets and mobile phones will grow 5.9% to 2.35 billion units in 2013, according to a report issued Monday by Gartner Inc.

But that growth is not uniform. Breaking down the 5.9% number, Gartner estimates that traditional PC shipments will fall 10.6%, mobile phone shipments will grow 4.3% and tablets will grow 67.9%

The shifting dynamics work not just to the benefit of Google's (GOOG) Android, according Gartner's Ranjit Atwal, but also to Apple's (AAPL) iOS and OS X.

According to her calculations, Apple's share of total device shipments will grow from under 10% in 2012 to over 14% in 2014.

"Although the numbers seem to paint a clear picture of who the winner will be when it comes to operating systems (OS) in the device market, the reality is that today ecosystem owners are challenged in having the same relevance in all segments," said Ms. Milanesi in the Gartner press release. "Apple is currently the more homogeneous presence across all device segments, while 90 percent of Android sales are currently in the mobile phone market and 85 percent of Microsoft sales are in the PC market."

Below: Gartner's spreadsheet.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 6.57.38 AM

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