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Bloomberg: Apple stuck bond buyers with a '$280 million loss'

May 22, 2013: 3:42 PM ET

As if Apple's bonds were the only ones whose price fell as interest rates climbed.

From Apple's prospectus

From Apple's prospectus

FORTUNE -- As John R. noted in the comment stream of Mary Childs' latest story on the Bloomberg newswire, she is not an idiot: "She knows using a sensational headline containing 'Apple' will attract readers."

Thus a rise in interest rates across the board is reported on Bloomberg as Apple (AAPL) news:

Apple Bonds Stick Buyers With $280.6 Million Loss as Rates Climb

But perhaps John R. is being unfair. The article was edited by Alan Goldstein. Maybe he wrote the headline, in which case he should be reading the comments her piece drew. A sample:

  • feedback12: Must be a new low for Apple bashing and link-bait for Bloomberg. So Apple bonds specifically are the only ones affected by the raise in rates? Ridiculous!
  • alice.georger: The "Apple Witch hunt" still going strong with idiot reporters, I see. I think investors in those bonds, knew the risks that were involved. Wow, Mary Childs, you're "just a dynamite" reporter, aren't you!!!!
  • David Shapiro: Did all corporations "stick it" to investors by taking advantage of the low interest rate environment? Interest rate risk comes with the territory, why single Apple out...short position on the equity?
  • sabaj_49: of course if APPLE JUST PAID ITS TAXES there would be no need for these bond

To which I might add that a bond still has its face value if you hold it to maturity.

As is customary at Bloomberg, Childs and Goldstein attached their e-mail addresses to the bottom of the piece. I've never known a Bloomberg reporter to return e-mail sent to those addresses, but you're welcome to try.

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