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By 5 to 1, Apple's iPhone 5 out-tweeted Samsung's Galaxy S4

March 27, 2013: 5:22 PM ET

Ironically, the Galaxy tweets had more "positive bias" than the iPhone's

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FORTUNE -- Is Twitter the new measure of commercial buzz? Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster seems to think so.

In a note to clients issued Wednesday he offers as evidence that Apple's (AAPL) smartphone "holds more mass appeal with consumers" the fact that there were five times as many tweets (2.4 million) about the iPhone 5 on the day of and the day after its launch than there were about Samsung's Galaxy S4 (440,000) in the same post-launch time period.

And what about the fact that 81% of the tweets about the Galaxy had what Munster terms a "positive bias" versus 73% for the iPhone?

"We believe the iPhone 5 was well telegraphed," he writes, "thus some consumers may have been let down that there were no surprises."

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