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Report of fixes in Apple Maps triggers a flood of complaints

March 13, 2013: 7:07 AM ET

For Apple, no good deed goes unpunished

Flyover of Harvard Square in Apple Maps app

Flyover of Harvard Square in Apple Maps. Click twice to enlarge.

FORTUNE -- As Tim Cook promised last fall, Apple (AAPL) has been working hard behind the scenes to improve its much-maligned iOS Maps app  -- the one that famously replaced Google (GOOG) Maps.

On Tuesday, The Loop's Jim Dalrymple rattled off some of the improvements that Apple has made, including a list of cities (from Boston to Glasgow) for which Apple has added or broadened its "flyover" support.

It's not clear why the company chose to give Dalrymple the list rather than issue a press release. Maybe because he asked? In any event, his report on the things Apple did right had the perverse effect of triggering a fresh flood of complaints about what's still wrong.

A sample:

Curmudgeon: "Updated with flyover in Minneapolis, sure, but still overfilled with geographic errors that were reported half a year ago. All the closed hospitals in St. Paul shown as still open, for example, and other functioning hospitals not on the map."

NewWaveDave: "WTF no Tampa? Our little town is bigger than half the cities on this list... C'mon Apple."

PlunderBunny: "Meanwhile, 'Auckland Station' in Auckland, New Zealand, is still in the middle of the harbour."

Solomon Capistrano: "It would also be great if I was searching for a KFC while standing in front of one and apple maps didnt tell me the closest one is 7 miles away. That would be greeeaaaaatttt."

For more, see Dalrymple's Apple's Maps being updated often and significantly.

Also, an unofficial list of flyover cities.

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