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4 coolest Apple gadgets of 2012

January 4, 2013: 2:39 PM ET

Too few or too many?

121203060626-new-imac-large-gallery-horizontalFORTUNE -- There's a reason Apple (APPL) has a market cap of nearly $510 billion. Killer products, whether it's an iPhone, a new iPad or even a small update to the budget-conscious Mac Mini. Indeed, Apple's products proved so popular, they dominated Fortune's recent round-up of 51 coolest gadgets of 2012. Some thought we gave Apple way too much love, others though too little. Here are the products that made the list:

#3 New iMac, $1,299

#20 iPad Mini, $329

#23 iPhone 5, $199

What say you, Apple watchers: did we miss one, or give Cupertino too much last year?
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