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Turnout for Apple's iPad mini in mainland China is minimal

December 7, 2012: 6:12 AM ET

No lines, no scalpers, no unruly crowds

Beijing Wangfujing Street Apple Store before it opened

Beijing Wangfujing Street Apple Store before it opened in October

FORTUNE -- If it wants excitement at its Chinese launch events, Apple (AAPL) may need to rethink the reservation-only system it put in place last January after a dangerous mob forced it to halt sales of the iPhone 4S in Beijing before they began.

IDG News' Michael Kan reports that turnout for the iPad mini that arrived in mainland China Friday was "nearly nonexistent." There wasn't even the hint of a queue in front of Apple's newest retail palace in Beijing's famous Wangfujing Street shopping district, where hundreds gathered on opening day for a chance to take home an Apple T-shirt.

It wasn't clear from Kan's reporting whether it was Apple's reservation system or lack of enthusiasm for the new iPad that kept the crowds away. Presumably there'll be more interest in the iPhone 5 that arrives next Friday.

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