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The perils of putting all your nest egg into Apple's basket

December 6, 2012: 11:54 AM ET

Fortune profiles investors who have done just that

376489830479FORTUNE -- Given that Apple (AAPL) suffered its worst trading day in four years Wednesday -- losing nearly $35 billion in market value by the closing bell -- this might seem an odd time for Fortune to run a profile of investors like Terry and Jeanne Gregory (pictured at right) who have put almost their entire life savings -- about $2.5 million -- into the stock.

They're not alone. Apple millionaires can be found by the dozens at bulletin boards devoted to the stock -- including Investor Village's AAPL Sanity, where the Gregorys hang out.

The fact is, most of them became millionaires by ignoring the advice of professional investors and putting the bulk of their nest eggs into Apple -- many, like Terry and Jeanne, when the company's shares were still trading in double digits.

What's not clear is whether the strategy still works with Apple trading in triple digits.

The story, Why you're right to be obsessed with Apple stock, is part of Fortune's annual investing issue. It's a good read.

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