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Apple's iPhone/iPad share of Web traffic is on the rise again

December 1, 2012: 12:13 PM ET

But Android is still catching up, according to Net Applications

Data: NetApplications. Chart: PED. Click to enlarge.

Data: NetApplications. Chart: PED. Click to enlarge.

FORTUNE -- Apple's (AAPL) iOS operating system dominated the mobile Internet this summer, according to Net Applications, hitting a record 65.9% share of smartphone and tablet Web traffic in August.

But as iPhone sales tailed off in anticipation of a new model and sales of Google (GOOG) Android systems took off -- particularly with the launch of Samsung's Galaxy SIII -- Android's Web share rose as well, shooting up nearly 24% in October along and pushing Apple's share to less than 60%.

Now iOS has begun to recover. Net Applications issued a report Saturday based on hits (adjusted for population) on its 40,000 client sites that showed Apple's share of mobile Web traffic rising to 61.1% in November, up 2.1% in one month.

Android's share, however, is still catching up, growing last month from 27.4% to 28% (up 2.45%).

StatCounter, based in Dublin, offers a different view of Web traffic. It monitors more websites -- 3 million, according to its fact sheet -- but does not include tablets or weigh the results ("We simply publish the data as we record it").

According to StatCounter, Android smartphones pulled away from the iPhone in July and never looked back. Its latest survey shows Android commanding a 31.7% share of Web traffic to the iPhone's 23.7%. See chart below.

Data: StatCounter. Chart: PED.

Data: StatCounter. Chart: PED.

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