In Sandy's aftermath, Foursquare sets up new HQ

October 31, 2012: 3:46 PM ET

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley couldn't check in to work in downtown Manhattan, so he moved his headquarters temporarily to midtown.

dennis crowley

Dennis Crowley on Wednesday in Foursquare's makeshift offices.

FORTUNE – If your offices are in lower Manhattan, chances are you've found somewhere else in New York City to plug in your computer, just as Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley has. His company has been uprooted by Hurricane Sandy, whose heavy winds and rains have flooded buildings and left hundreds of thousands without power.

Crowley and his staff of 110 temporarily left their headquarters in Soho on Broadway and Prince Street for temporary digs on the 43rd floor of the Time-Life Building overlooking midtown Manhattan.

Fortune, which is located in the same building, paid Crowley a visit on Wednesday.

"We call it the luxury version of our first office," he says, referring to the Village Voice building on Cooper Square where the social networking website got its start in 2009.

Who knows how long the Foursquare staff will call midtown its home away from home – they've reserved 47 workstations with Quest Workspaces, which includes desk space, phones and wifi. It works out okay for Crowley, who is temporarily staying at a hotel nearby. His apartment in Manhattan's Alphabet City is without power for who knows how long.

And so he's just rolling with it. Just as employees at the nation's third-largest bank, Citigroup (C). Its offices at 111 Wall St. will be unusable for weeks due to severe flooding, CEO Michael Corbat told employees in a memo. "We will continue to use backup sites and work-from-home strategies as necessary."

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