Today in Tech: Apple remembers Steve Jobs one year after his passing

October 5, 2012: 12:25 PM ET

Also: Zynga continues to plummet; Facebook's nonsensical 1 billion users video.

Apple remembers Steve Jobs on anniversary of his passing [9 to 5 MAC]

Apple unveiled the iPhone 4S on Oct. 4, 2011, but one seat left open for Jobs at the packed event notably sat empty. The next day, Jobs died. After he passed, at just 56 years old, news of his death flooded the Internet, TV, newspapers, and homes. Millions of people immediately emailed Apple, and the company subsequently created a "Remembering Steve" page to display a massive compilation of condolences that poured in from around the world.

Zynga lowering full-year results again; recording huge hit for OMGPOP [ALL THINGS D]

The social games company says that the third quarter is falling behind because its bread-and-butter Ville-style games continue to underperform. Additionally, the company said it is lowering projections for the full year, and that it will have to write down the acquisition costs of OMGPOP by as much as $95 million.

Facebook's bizarre 1 billion users video [FORTUNE]

One could do that all day. And Facebook nearly did. Besides chairs, the video tells us, Facebook is like "doorbells," "airplanes," and "bridges," because "these are things people use to get together." Facebook is also like staring vacantly into space, because that's a thing that people do when they're alone in a room. That didn't make it into the video either.

When job-creation engines stop at just one [THE NEW YORK TIMES]

For more than a decade, start-ups have been getting leaner and meaner. In 1999, the typical new business had 7.7 employees; its counterpart in 2011 had 4.7, according to an analysis of Labor Department data by E. J. Reedy at the Kauffman Foundation, a research organization focused on entrepreneurship.

Samsung posts $7.3 billion third-quarter profits, this quarter will be tougher [REUTERS]

Despite a bruising series of patent disputes and the reputational risk of the U.S. court defeat in August, Samsung's brand value has surged this year as it shipped more handsets and smartphones than any of its rivals. The value of the Samsung brand has jumped to 9th in the world - up from 17th last year - at $32.9 billion, according to brand consultancy Interbrand. That's more than Toyota Motor, but less than half of second-ranked Apple's $76.6 billion.

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