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Survey: 22% of Android owners say they're switching to Apple

September 25, 2012: 7:42 AM ET

On the other hand, 9% of iPhone owners say they're going the other way


FORTUNE: The fact-packed pie chart above is part of a larger infographic posted last week by Ask Your Target Market, a roll-your-own market research start-up. This one was created by co-founder Lev Mazin and was based on an online survey of 600 smartphone owners completed Sept. 17.

I'm not familiar with the firm and can't vouch for the quality of their target audience, although to Mazin's credit he published his questionnaire and a summary of his raw data here --  something you don't get from, say, Nielsen.

The full infographic -- available as a PDF here -- has lots more info about the stated intentions of U.S. adults who plan to buy a smartphone in the next six months. Among the highlights:

  • 73% already own a smartphone (and, naturally, 27% don't)
  • 40% of smartphone owners have Google (GOOG) Android phones
  • 22% of Android owners are planning to switch to an Apple (AAPL) iPhone (73% are sticking with Android)
  • 23% of smartphone owners who plan to buy a new one already have an iPhone
  • 9% of them are planning to switch to Android (83% are sticking with Apple)

Below: How AYTM sees the U.S. market share changing in the next six months. It doesn't bode well for Research in Motion (RIMM), Microsoft (MSFT) or Other.


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