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The best reporting on Apple v. Samsung closing arguments

August 21, 2012: 7:42 PM ET

In the epic trial's dramatic finale, the two sides made their last pitches to the jury

Illustration: Vicki Ellen Behringer

FORTUNE -- For anyone who has been following Apple's (AAPL) multi-billion dollar patent infringement suit against Samsung, this was a day not to be missed.

Three seasoned attorneys -- Harold McElhinny and William Lee for Apple and Charles Verhoeven for Samsung -- had one last chance to tell their story: to lay out their theory of the case, to set forth the elements that support it, to address the contrary arguments, and to carefully steer the jury toward the verdict they were seeking.

It was, in many ways, the most important part of what may be the most important high tech patent case of our lifetimes.

The courtroom was packed with reporters typing as fast as they could. Here's who we've been following:

  • The Verge's Bryan Bishop: May be the fastest typist in the room. Has somehow managed to also get pictures into his live blog.
  • The San Jose Mercury News' Howard Mintz: Brings the perspective of someone who has been following the trial from the start.
  • AllThingsD's John Paczkowski. Writing his live coverage as a polished developing story, not an easy thing to do.
  • Reuter's Dan Levine, Tweeting and contributing to the wire service's updated news story.
  • CNET's Josh Lowensohn. Tweeting and writing CNET's summary.

The jury will be back Wednesday at 9 a.m. Pacific to begin deliberations.

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