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Smartphone shipments tripled since '08. Dumb phones are flat

November 1, 2011: 1:09 PM ET

The latest graphic from Asmyco shows an ocean of opportunity


Horace Dediu summarized three years of mobile phone data Monday in another striking color-coded chart. This view of the market offers three key take-home messages:

  • Most of the growth in mobile phone shipments has been in smartphones, which have tripled in the past three years (from 40 million to about 120 million) while non-smartphones barely increased (from 258 million to 272 million).
  • Most of the smartphone growth was in the brown area Dediu calls "licensed OS phones" -- essentially Google (GOOG) Android phones. Apple's (AAPL) share of the market is expected to recover next quarter but will likely stay below 5%.
  • There's an ocean of opportunity in the 70% of the mobile market that hasn't yet switched to smartphones.
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