Today in Tech: The full Walter Isaacson interview

October 24, 2011: 12:30 AM ET

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"Some people resent the fact that Steve gets credit for everything, but I've never given a rat's a** about that ... Frankly speaking, I'd prefer my name never be in the paper."
-- Tim Cook to Walter Isaacson (CNET)

* Fortune's exclusive excerpt from Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, chronicling the former Apple CEO's nearly 30-year frenemy relationship with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

* The full 60 Minutes interview with Isaacson. (CBS News via MacRumors)

* Apple (AAPL) hired Scott Noteboom, Yahoo's Head of Global Data Center Infrastructure. (GigaOm)

* Is Google (GOOG) mulling over a bid for Yahoo (YHOO) now? (The Wall Street Journal)

* Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg spoke to the Association of National Advertisers convention in Phoenix, Ariz. The takeaway: marketers should be "social by design," coming up with a marketing plan where all the elements amplify or are amplified by social media. (Ad Age)

* Investors put $8.4 billion into 765 deals for U.S.-based venture companies during the third quarter of 2011, a 29% increase compared with the same time the year before. (TechCrunch)

* Why do investors keep giving Color co-founder Bill Nguyen so much money? (Fast Company)

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