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AT&T reeled under the crush of iPhone 4S pre-orders. Verizon and Sprint seemed to be fine

October 7, 2011: 6:52 AM ET

Widespread reports of long waits, starting shortly after midnight Pacific time

Spinning gears at

"2 hours of putting in my information and hitting refresh and I STILL don't have an iPhone 4S.  AT&T, you failed again. Goodnight."

Eric ("gameric") Gamero, who posted that message on Twitter at about 3:15 a.m. PST Friday, was hardly alone. In the early hours after Apple (AAPL) began taking pre-orders for its latest iPhone, due out next Friday, hundreds of similar complaints flooded the messaging service.

Until the logjam cleared, it looked like another black eye for the Apple/AT&T partnership. Three years earlier, when Apple launched the iPhone 3G, AT&T's (T) servers crashed under the load.

We searched Twitter for similar complaints from customers trying to order Verizon (VZ) or Sprint (S) iPhones and couldn't find any.

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