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GigaOM jumps the Steve Jobs WWDC keynote gun

May 24, 2011: 12:42 PM ET

Reports that Apple had announced he will be speaking at WWDC turn out to be a year out of date.

Source: GigaOM

In what may be a record for the number of crossed-out words in a single item, GigaOM's Charles Jade has retracted nearly everything he posted Tuesday morning, admitting shamefacedly that he "mistakenly referenced a [year] old press release."

His original post, quoting an official Apple (AAPL) announcement "highlighting Steve Jobs as keynote speaker" at the Worldwide Developers Conference that begins June 6, was picked up by several other Apple sites -- including the San Francisco Chronicle, Business Insider and Cult of Mac -- before someone noticed that Jade had the date wrong.

The Loop's Jim Dalrymple finally thought to call Apple PR, which confirmed that no keynote speaker announcement had been made for this year's WWDC.

With Steve Jobs still technically out on medical leave, who will be delivering the high-profile speech is still a mystery.

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