Google sends YouTube copyright violators to school

April 14, 2011: 5:53 PM ET

Drivers Ed for Copyright violations.

In a move to thwart copyright violations on its YouTube Subsidiary, Google (GOOG) has instituted a new Copyright Violations Schooling program along with new policies for users who are found to have violated YouTube's copyright rules.

It is probably exactly what you expect: When YouTube gets a report of a copyright violation, the video is removed and the uploader has to watch the "school" video below, which goes into detail of Fair Use.

If YouTube receives a copyright notification about a user's video, the user will have to complete "YouTube Copyright School," which requires watching a tutorial video and passing a quiz to prove the user understands the copyright policies.

Additionally, Google has also created a way for errant YouTube users to redeem themselves. In certain cases, Google will remove copyright strikes from a user's account if he or she successfully completes its copyright school and has a solid track record of following the rules.

Amusing and informative but probably as effective as driving school - which is to say not very.

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Seth Weintraub

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