Glassdoor: Eric Schmidt goes out on top

April 1, 2011: 9:08 AM ET

The outgoing Google CEO came up on top of other CEOs including Apple 'CEO of the Decade' Steve Jobs in Glassdoor's CEO approval ratings.

I'm not sure if the date has anything to do with the latest findings from, but now former Google (GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt left his position on top of other tech CEOs.

Glassdoor's results are anything but scientific.  The survey results come from anonymous current and former employees, interviewed candidates, and even the companies themselves.  However, the numbers seem to trend with the relative success of the companies involved.

Following Eric Schmidt (96% approval rating up from 93%) and Jobs (95% down from 98%) are Amazon's (AMZN) Jeff Bezos (83% down from 87%) and Oracle's (ORCL) Larry Ellison (73% down from 77%).  There has been some tumult in Ellison's life and his war with HP(HPQ) and Java suit with Google might have turned off a few employees.

Yahoo's Carol Bartz was the biggest loser having dropped from 77% to 50%.  That puts her in the same leave with Microsoft's (MSFT) Steve Ballmer (40% - the lowest - down from 46%)  and Dell's (DELL) Michael Dell who climbed from 36% to 48%.

Mark Zuckerberg was not ranked in this poll, though Glassdoor had put Facebook at the top of places to work in a poll late last year.

Full size graph below the fold:

Image: Glassdoor via TechCrunch

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