Twelve minutes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

March 14, 2011: 3:50 PM ET

Samsung's 10-inch tablet has some significant strengths against its competitors.

Android's next assault on the iPad franchise will likely come from Samsung who has had measured success selling its Galaxy S phones against the iPhone 4 over the last nine months.  AndroidHD put together a 12-minute 'day in the life' video montage of what can be done with this tablet.

Some important features on this product which probably make it a better iPad 2 competitor than Motorola's (MMI) XOOM :

  • Runs on HSPA+ '4G' networks at up to 21Mbps (without sending it back to the shop)
  • It somehow weighs less than the iPad 2 Wifi  at 599 grams (with 4G equipment!)
  • IT has an 8-megapixel rear camera with auto focus (vs.<1 megapixel fixed focus iPad and 5 megapixel on XOOM)
  • Dual surround sound speakers.

As with the XOOM, the Tab 10.1 includes the following differentiators:

  • Better Maps software included
  • Voice Commands and navigation
  • Higher resolution, bigger widescreen HD display

The 10.1 inch Tab is expected to be released in the coming month with announcements forthcoming at CTIA next week –which will also likely include an 8.9" model as well.

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