Sprint to get 4G Nexus S?

March 7, 2011: 9:41 AM ET

It appears that Sprint will join T-Mobile in carrying the Google phone, except Sprint's will do 4G/WiMAX.

Sprint.com, click to enlarge

Engadget received some interesting new information on Sprint's (S) upcoming phone announcements over the weekend. Along with what is called an EVO 3D and EVO View tablet, Sprint will be doing their own version of the Nexus S built by Samsung.  Sprint's version will be labeled '4G' and obviously also carry WiMAX radios.

Going to Sprint.com/nexus yields a Coming soon sticker (right), rather than a 404 error page which serves as a teaser.  Expect and announcement at CTIA in Orlando in two weeks.

The move would be a coup for Google (GOOG)  who initially expected to get its original Google phone, the Nexus One, on all of the major US carriers.  Sprint opted for the EVO 4G at the time and Verizon (VZ) soon after opted for the Incredible.  AT&T (T), (even though Google built and sold a phone for its network), refused to subsidize it, perhaps at Apple's(AAPL) insistence.

The Nexus S is a phone that Google currently sells through Best Buy (BBY).  It is important because it ships without any carrier or manufacturer add ons or applications and is the first to be upgraded to new versions on Android. Users can expect to receive the "pure Google" experience.

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