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Mac is the hare, PC the tortoise

February 17, 2011: 11:28 AM ET

Last quarter, Apple's shipments grew nearly 7 times faster than the market's

Chart: Needham & Co.

December marked the 19th straight quarter that Mac shipment growth has outpaced the market's, and in note to clients earlier this week, Needham's Charlie Wolf used IDC's numbers to break down Apple's (AAPL) sales by market segment. Among his findings:

  • Mac sales to the worldwide home market grew 17.1% year over year in the December quarter, compared with the broader PC market's 0.6% decline.
  • In the business market, Mac shipments grew at what Wolf characterized as a "torrid" 65.4% rate, compared with the market's 9.7% growth.
  • Government sales grew nearly 550% (compared with the market's 8.4%) last quarter, albeit from a very small base that represents less than 1% of Mac sales.
  • Only in the education market did Mac shipments slip, declining 2.7% compared with the market's 3% growth.

The Mac's performance is even impressive when viewed by dollar rather than unit share, as Wolf demonstrates in the home market chart below the fold.

Chart: Needham & Co.

"The wide disparity between the Mac's unit and dollar shares in the home market," Wolf writes, "reflects the fact that Mac prices have remained relatively constant while the prices of Windows PC have progressively deteriorated."

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