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The 7 types of iPhone owners

February 10, 2011: 11:03 AM ET

Are you Fanboy, Unappreciative, Overuser, DeskJob, Hacker, Senior Citizen or Complainer?

The Hacker. Source:

Which type are you? That's the question posed by an online poll sponsored by a dubious site called AllAreaCodes (more on them later).

The premise is that every iPhone owner falls into one of these seven slightly insulting categories. The Fanboy, for example, wears an Apple (AAPL) T-shirt he never launders. Senior Citizen can't hear his default ring tone because he's tinkering with a hearing aid.

Kudos to whoever wrote the copy, however, for going against type and making the hacker -- who makes free calls on a jailbroken iPhone via Skype and Wi-Fi rather than pay for a phone plan -- female.

The site invites readers to indicate which type they are by Tweeting the appropriate hashtag (#iphonefanboy, etc.) Top results so far: 1) Overuser, 2) Fanboy, 3) Hacker and 4) I don't use an iPhone.

WARNING: Use extreme caution when following the AllAreaCodes link. The site poses as a reverse-phone directory that sells names and address for $4.99 each, but quickly takes you to an Intelius "Identity Protect" scam that will ding your credit card $19.95  a month from now to eternity.

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