Portfolio Charting launched on Google Finance

November 5, 2010: 3:39 PM ET

Tool allows users to graph the performance of their whole portfolio.

Until now, Google (GOOG) Finance users had to graph their stocks/assets individually to gauge their performance.  With the release of Portfolio Charting, Google overlays each individual asset in an easy to see chart.

To make it even easier to track your portfolios, today we launched Portfolio Charting on Google Finance. Now you can graphically track your portfolio's historical performance either individually or versus a specific stock or market index to get an instant snapshot of how you're doing. For the first time on Google Finance, you can see a visual representation of an entire portfolio as well as track it over time, rather than graphing each stock individually.

To get started, visit your Portfolio page and scroll down under 'Portfolio related news'. From here you can see your portfolio's total value over time or zoom to a specific date. Use the graph to compare your portfolio to indices like Dow, S&P 500, and NASDAQ, or enter a symbol to compare your portfolio to a particular stock.

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