Logitech Revue at Amazon and Best Buy, Sony GoogleTV leak

October 7, 2010: 10:40 AM ET

GoogleTV is steadily becoming more real.

Amazon (AMZN) and Best Buy (BBY) now have the Logitech Revue posted for pre-order for $299 with shipping dates in the 2-3 week range.  They also carry the peripherals like the $149 video camera and the $129 Mini Keyboard. (This should have been the standard keyboard in my opinion.) Logitech also offers pre-orders on its own site.

Meanwhile, next week Sony (SNE) launches GoogleTVs or InternetTVs as they call them over there.  SonyInsider got the scoop on the configurations and most of the initial pricing.

Update: Sonyinsider has changed their story, saying that the 46-inch will cost $1399

Sony InternetTV via Sony.com

Sony will be offering 4 different Internet TVs – 24′, 32′, 40′, and 46′ models:

  • NSX-24GT1
  • NSX-32GT1
  • NSX-40GT1
  • NSX-46GT1

As far as pricing, get ready to shell out $1299.99 for the 32′ (NSX-32GT1), $1499.99 for 40′ (NSX-40GT1) and $1899.99 for 46′ (NSX-46GT1). Unfortunately, pricing info was unavailable for 24GT1 model, however we assume it should be under one grand.

Those prices are painfully high, unless Sony is trying to position this as only a high-end product. That'd be great news for Logitech (LOGI).  These prices are likely to get discounted over the next few months.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a $250 Revue by Christmas and 20-30% knocked off the price of Sony's MSRP.

Interestingly, there isn't any information on Sony's BluRay player.  It should come in under $500 and might give the Logitech Revue a run for its money.

We'll find out more at Sony's GoogleTV announcement on October 12th.

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