Google Voice Android widgets leaked

August 30, 2010: 10:23 AM ET

An upcoming release of the T-Mobile G2 build was leaked, along with some new Google Voice widgets.

While they don't offer VoIP, the widgets that were extracted from an unreleased T-Mobile G2 build allow easy access to Google Voices features, demonstrated below.

Google (GOOG) released Voice on Gmail last week in a surprise move that had many thinking Google was targeting Skype and Facebook. Having a full Google Voice VoIP application on Android devices would be a game changer.

It is very simple: If Google releases Voice for Android as a full VoIP client, the mobile telcos stand to lose their voice revenue and effectively become dumb pipes.

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Seth Weintraub
Seth Weintraub

Google went from searching the Web to worming its way into nearly every facet of business and government. Seth Weintraub unveils where the company is going, who it's competing with, who it's about to compete with and how market forces push the company to veer or adhere to its Don't Be Evil motto. For 15 years, Weintraub was a global IT director for a number of companies before becoming a blogger.

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