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Three non-tech entities that will change tech

July 22, 2010: 8:27 PM ET

Trend Micro CEO Eva Chen explains how the media, a clothing manufacturer and a Chinese version of Wal-Mart will rock the tech world

By Shelley DuBois, reporter

Some of the companies that will change the way the world uses technology won't be tech companies at all, according to Eva Chen, co-founder and CEO of a web security company called Trend Micro.

She was speaking as part of a 3-3-3 series at this year's Brainstorm Tech. The idea is for execs at tech companies spend three minutes on three tech companies that they think are going to matter in three years.

The first tech game changer she mentioned wasn't a company, but the media. Chen believes that the people who write the news will exploit technology like tablets in phones that will change the way the rest of the world reads.

She gave a shout out to a clothing company called Texma Inernational Co. that made the jerseys that some teams wore during the World Cup. Texma used a string made of plastic from recycled bottles combined with other fabric to make jerseys that cool the wearer.

Finally, she said, a company that looks like a Chinese version of Wal-Mart, called RT-Mart, will change the tech world. RT-Mart is using cloud computing and web 2.0 technology to inform small vendors in rural areas about how to produce food or ship products in the most efficient way.

"It's what you read, what you wear, and, in fact, what you can eat that will change our world using technology," Chen says.

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