Brainstorm Tech 2010

Where the Fortune 500 and the innovators meet to shape the future of business. (July 22-24, 2010)

What to watch for at Brainstorm Tech

July 21, 2010: 3:31 PM ET

From tablets to conflicts, business models to investment opportunities -- what we are hoping to hear.

By Shelley DuBois, reporter

Fortune's 2010 Brainstorm Tech conference kicks off tomorrow in Aspen. Here's a preview of some of the questions our moderators will be asking top tech execs.

-Twitter, Zynga and LinkedIn are courting online ad money. Group M CEO Irwin Gotleib has a ton of it - his company is a major media-buyer. Group M is working on small projects with these companies, but its dollars aren't following them to scale, considering the amount of time people spend on these sites. We're putting everybody on a panel together to try to figure out the disconnect.

-HP just bought Palm. Will they be coming out with a new power smartphone? Or will HP (HPQ) use Palm's webOS and finally build a tablet?

-News Corp. (NWS) digital honcho Jon Miller will be there. His company owns MySpace, which has been shedding top execs. Can it be salvaged? As for the rest of News Corp, we will dig into its paid content strategy and ask whether apps will save journalism from Rupert Murdoch's hated Google (GOOG).

-What's the latest bump in the AT&T/Apple marriage? Did AT&T get a chance to clear its name when the latest iPhone flaw was on Apple?

-How are smaller companies going to disrupt giants like Cisco (CSCO) and Microsoft (MSFT)? Firefox, for example, has hinted that you have to treat marketing like a political campaign. More on that.

-Xerox (XRX) CEO Ursula Burns will explain why her company outsourced a ton of IT and digital organization to the newly-acquired Affiliated Computer Services this year.

-IAC (IAC) is a giant media company that owns, and about 50 others. What does CEO Barry Diller plan to do as Google broadens its search capabilities and encroaches on IAC's territory?

Update: An earlier version of this incorrectly stated that Group M was not working on projects with Twitter, Zynga and LinkedIn.

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