Google's ChromeOS devices on track for Fall 2010

June 2, 2010: 9:48 AM ET

ChromeOS is due in a matter of months according to Google vice-president of product management, Sundar Pichai.

It looks like GoogleTV won't be the only big release for Fall 2010 in Google's OS stable.  ChromeOS which was introduced on July 7, 2009, is Google's answer to Microsoft Windows in the same way that its Apps suite is the web-savvy Microsoft Office.

"We are working on bringing the device later this fall," said Google vice-president of product management Sundar Pichai at CompuTex Taipei, Asia's biggest IT trade show.

ChromeOS isn't just a "hobby" for Google (GOOG) either.  They have very big plans for the OS which they believe will be widely adopted across the netbook sector.  "It's something which we are very excited by ... We expect it to reach millions of users on day one," Pichai said.

Google began the process of removing Windows machines from its offices earlier this year, supposedly after the Chinese hacking incident left them feeling exposed. Having a new OS to test probably made the decision a little easier as well.

Honestly, I think ChromeOS is what the world needs.  How many desktops run a full blown OS but only need a modern browser?  I'd say more than 50% of computer users could get by with what a browser can do today.  As HTML5 programming becomes more robust, that number will head towards 100%.

That is Google 'skating to where the puck is going.'

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