Will Google power the Chevy Volt?

May 12, 2010: 11:12 AM ET

The Google vs. Microsoft war might heat up with GM's discussions to develop in-car telematics with Google.

A recent CNNMoney article revealed that GM was working with a mysterious partner on its OnStar systems for the new Chevy Volt and eventually across its product lines.

This year's OnStar relaunch involves a major technology push inside GM as well a partnership with a major outside technology company, said Preuss, who declined to reveal who GM's partner is or exactly what they're doing.

GM's (GM) answer might be in Google (GOOG), according to a report by Motor Trend. The car enthusiast magazine claims GM is in talks with the search and OS behemoth to provide telemetics to GM's car lineup. Google certainly knows about mapping and GPS, and its Android OS could be ported to cars the same way Microsoft has ported its CE OS to the automobile.

CC license from Flickr user andysternberg

Ford (F) has been busy working with Microsoft (MSFT) on its Microsoft Auto software. Dubbed 'Sync' for Ford, the software allows its cars communicate with mobile phones, MP3 players and other devices via voice commands or input from the steering wheel or dashboard.

Sync is currently offered on 12 different Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles in North America, starting with the 2008 model year.  Another similar product from Microsft, Blue&Me is used by Fiat for similar purposes.

Google is also involved with Tesla's electric cars, though on a much less formal basis.

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