HTC Incredible is the Android flavor of the month

April 19, 2010: 12:12 PM ET

The new 'best Android phone' boasts new network, 8-megapixel camera and Sense UI.

If you were going to buy an Android phone last month, most people would agree that the Google (GOOG) Nexus One would have been the best that money could buy.   I love mine, but I also know that having the best Android phone is fleeting.  The Nexus One replaced the Droid as the phone to have when it was released in January.  As of today, the Android phone to have is the Verizon (VZDroid Incredible from HTC.

(Source: Verizon)

The Incredible isn't worlds different from the Nexus One, but it does have some significant advantages.  The biggest differentiator is obviously the carrier, Verizon, which many customers will appreciate over the Nexus One's current choice, Tmobile (and AT&T unofficially).  The Nexus One, being an 'untouched ' Google Phone also doesn't have HTC's Sense UI (better for MS Exchange and Social Networking) or the Incredible's 8 Megapixel camera.  The Incredible is also slightly narrower, but less rounded, than the Nexus One.

Otherwise, the devices share a lot of common features.  They are both on Android 2.1, have 480x800 3.7-inch screens and 1GHz Snapdragon processors.  In fact, the Incredible is really just a Nexus One with CDMA radios and improved camera and a slightly different shell.

Overall, reviews of the Incredible are positive with reviewers liking the speed and the Social Networking features of the Sense UI and the Leap feature.

Check the following reviews:

Verizon is currently taking orders for the Incredible, set to be delivered on April 29th.  It'll set you back $199.99 (After $100 mail in rebate).  If you aren't into the Sense UI, Verizon will also offer the Nexus One soon as well.

Oh, and don't get too smug Incredible buyers, you'll only have the best Android phone until Sprint (S) releases the 4G HTC Evo with 4.3 inch display and 720P HDMI-out this summer.  And if you are talking about the smartphone landscape in general, Apple's (AAPLiPhone 4 is looking pretty solid as well.

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