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Apple now controls 89% of mobile developers' mindshare

April 2, 2010: 10:26 AM ET

Of 3,000 mobile app projects begun in the past 90 days, 67% were for iPhones, 22% for iPads

Click to enlarge. Source: Flurry Analytics

Four things worth noting about the pie charts issued overnight by Flurry Analytics, which has been monitoring new project starts since the iPad was announced -- 3,000 in all -- on the mobile platforms it supports. (The first chart shows 2009's pre-iPad averages.)

  1. In the past 90 days, developers have begun more new projects for Apple's (AAPL) iPad (22%) than for Google's (GOOG) Android and Research in Motion's (RIMM) BlackBerry combined.
  2. The percentage of new projects begun for the iPhone (67%) still dwarfs the share being developed for the iPad -- by roughly three to one.
  3. Although Android's share (10%) is smaller now than it was in 2009 (18%), the number of new apps being written for Android devices has actually increased. According to Flurry, 300 new Android projects were begun in March, up 50% from February. To fairly represent the rapidly growing market for mobile apps, the size of the second pie should dwarf the first.
  4. That thin green sliver representing new BlackBerry projects should be labeled 1% -- down from 4% in 2009. That's not good news for RIM.

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