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iPhone vs. Pre: Satisfaction bakeoff

August 14, 2009: 10:13 AM ET

Source: RBC/ChangeWave

Palm Pre owners love their smartphones, but not as much as owners of Apple's new 3GS iPhone love theirs.

In a survey of 200 3GS users conducted Aug. 4-11 by RBC Capital and ChangeWave Research, 99% pronounced themselves satisfied, of which 82% were "very satisfied."

In a matching survey of 40 Pre owners, 87% said they were satisfied and 45% "very satisfied."

Nonetheless, writes RBC's Mike Abramsky in a report to clients Friday, "that's the highest score ever recorded in our prior Palm satisfaction surveys and above all other manufacturers except RIM (48%) and Apple (82%)."

Below the fold: what Apple (AAPL) and Palm (PALM) owners said they liked best and disliked most about their smartphones.

iPhone likes most

iPhone likes least

Pre likes most

Pre dislikes

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