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Video: The last time Steve Jobs came back to Apple

June 30, 2009: 12:00 PM ET

MacHeads: Steve Jobs 1998 keynoteTo celebrate Steve Jobs' official return to Apple (AAPL) this week, Kobi Shely has posted a YouTube clip from MacHEADS, his 54-minute "fanboy documentary" on the cult surrounding the company and its charismatic CEO.

Shely wrote, directed, co-produced and edited the film. The 2-minute 22-second segment he selected is centered around the return of Jobs to Apple in Dec. 1996 after he was ousted in a boardroom coup nearly a dozen years earlier.

The clip includes rare footage from the July 1998 keynote in which a younger, chubbier Jobs announces Apple's return to profitability and introduces the first iMac.

It's worth a look, if you can ignore the first 15 seconds of computer-generated weirdness, the bizarre Church of Mac segment in the middle and the young woman stroking and kissing her computer at the end.

The clip is pasted below. The full movie is available on iTunes and Amazon Video on Demand. Or you can order a DVD here.

Below the fold, a two-minute trailer for MacHEADS that includes sex columnist Violet Blue's priceless line: "First of all, I've never knowingly slept with a Windows user. Ever."

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