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Apple WWDC 2009 keynote Bingo!

June 7, 2009: 6:34 AM ET

Swedish bingoThe Apple (AAPL) keynote Bingo game -- brilliantly parodied in the famous 2008 IBM buzzword ad (pasted below the fold) -- has become a fanboy tradition, although as far as we know nobody has ever interrupted a Steve Jobs presentation to shout "Bingo!"

Marketing senior vice president Phil Schiller, not Jobs, is scheduled to give the keynote at this year's World Wide Developers Conference Monday, but that hasn't stopped the Bingo board makers. We've come across at least two board generators, one from the Netherlands (sample board above), the other from Sweden (sample below).

Here are the links:

This exercise is not entirely frivolous; the game does give developers, reporters and other Apple watchers a chance to consolidate the rumors and share their sense of what Cupertino is cooking up.

The rules are simple: generate a board you like, print it out, mark the squares as phrases are uttered or events occur, and when you complete a row, column or diagonal, call out "Bingo!"

If you dare.

Dutch bingo 2

Tune in here at 10 a.m. PDT (1 p.m. EDT) for our live coverage of WWDC 2009.

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Below the fold: the Buzzword Bingo IBM ad.

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