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BlackBerry Storm vs. Apple iPhone: 8 reasons pro and con

November 15, 2008: 3:00 PM ET

Storm v. iPhoneWho says you can't have it both ways?

With RIM's (RIMM) touchscreen BlackBerry Storm set to be released in the United States next Friday, has published eight reasons to choose the Storm over Apple's (AAPL) iPhone.

The same day, it published eight reasons to pick the iPhone over the Storm.

Both pieces are by Al Sacco, who probably doesn't pay for the phones he reviews.

Here's why he prefers the Storm:

  1. Stereo Bluetooth capability
  2. Removable battery
  3. Expandable memory
  4. Video recording
  5. Works as a tethered modem
  6. Tactile feedback
  7. Copy and paste
  8. Multitasking

Here's why he prefers the iPhone

  1. It's now second-generation
  2. Built-in memory
  3. iTunes App Store
  4. iTunes integration
  5. Full QWERY (virtual) keyboard
  6. Wi-Fi support
  7. iPod media player
  8. Safari browser

To learn more, click here for why you should pick the Storm and here for the iPhone.

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