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Apple updates iMacs

April 28, 2008: 9:17 AM ET

[Update: the stores are back up and sure enough, the iMac product line has been updated. Same prices, better specs. Apple press release here.]

Apple's online stores were closed early Monday around the world, a pretty dependable sign that new products were about to be announced.

The most likely candidate: an upgraded iMac. Last week Geeksugar, a rumor site with a good track record, passed along word that Apple would soon be refreshing its line of desktop computers with bigger hard drives and faster (presumable Intel Penryn) processors. (link)

According to AppleInsider, a memo out of Cupertino gave some of Apple's (AAPL) U.S. retail partners a heads-up on the new iMacs and that placeholders for the computers have appeared on BestBuy's computers. (link)

The successor to the original 1998 Bondi-blue iMac G3, the current Intel (INTC) Core 2 Duo aluminum iMac was introduced Aug. 7 in two models, a 20" and a 24".

Apple usually announces new products on Tuesdays.

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