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How to unlock a 1.1.3 iPhone

February 8, 2008: 11:39 AM ET

geohot-abc.pngYou can't just click a button and unlock a new Apple (AAPL) iPhone to run in any country or on any carrier's network.

That would be too easy.

But the software unlock for 1.1.3 iPhones published early this morning by George Hotz, and widely publicized by Engadget and others, has now been translated out of geek-speak and into step-by-step procedures that ordinary mortals can follow. There are several versions on the Net, but the clearest one we've seen so far is at Pinky's Brain Blog here. In addition to the four-step recipe, it provides screengrabs and all the necessary links. The usual caveats (risks, bricks, etc.) apply.

UPDATE: Pinky, who still hasn't found time to complete his instructions, is now pointing visitors to iClarified's tutorial here.

Hotz, you may recall, is the Glen Rock, New Jersey teenager who achieved national attention last summer when he helped unlock the original iPhone. A detailed account of his latest marathon feat of reverse programming -- and a DONATE button you can click if you want to support him with a contribution -- is available here.

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